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Knowledge and understanding of the personality type as assessed by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument can be a tool for personal growth, achieving balance, understanding self, and creating possibilities. There are many areas where type can be of assistance and some are related here with links to offer you more details about applying psychological type to your personal growth.

Your personality type doesn’t change over time, but each preference helps you in different ways, and to different degrees, as you move through your life.  Type development is a lifelong process and understanding type can help you overcome challenges at various stages of life including youth, midlife, retirement, and aging.

Balancing Work and Play is another important part of our daily lives and an awareness of personality type can assist in creating the harmony between work life and leisure activities.

Knowledge of type can help people express their spirituality in ways that are comfortable and rewarding. For people who are already active spiritually, an understanding of type can direct them toward new more satisfying practices.

There have been many books written about personality type and grief, and it is perhaps one of the most profound uses of type. Understanding one’s personality type helps a person recognize why certain expressions of grief are better suited to his or her personal journey through this difficult process.

And finally, taking care of your own health or the health of others can be greatly influenced by the knowledge of personality type.

It is always important that personality type is not the answer to everything, just one more tool to help you grow, achieve, and prosper in your life.

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