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The difference between coaching and mentoring is significant.  Coaches ask a lot of questions and drive information out of you to help you think and get you to your own decisions.  Much of coaching is done via telephone versus in-person. 

Mentoring is an in-person activity that involves passing along guidance and knowledge to the person being mentored while also holding them accountable for taking action so they may learn from their mistakes and make progress toward their goals.

If you're serious about making changes in your life, a mentor will help you move forward.  You definitely are not left to your own devices but instead, pushed through the funnel of success and held accountable for your actions.

The personal mentor will spend four business days with you in your home town1.  Your time with them will be filled with learning new information, applying your newly found knowledge, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, and developing a process that can be followed after your mentor leaves.

Contact us at or 503-298-4980 to get more information about our mentoring program and payment options.

Note:  Mentors will travel to all lower 48 states as well as Alaska & Hawaii.

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