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Mental Toughness University

Mental Toughness University is a comprehensive training process that moves sales and management teams from good to great. Mental Toughness trains people to control their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, before, during, and after a performance – especially under pressure.

Mental Toughness University
Helps Companies Increase Sales and Move Market Share
by Creating A No Excuses, High Performance Culture

This process has been utilized at Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Volvo, Coldwell Banker, and many other major Fortune 1000 companies

Why Mental Toughness Training?

  • Most MTU clients are sales and management teams that report dramatic increases in sales and employee satisfaction
  • It’s a proven system based on the best selling book, "177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class” by Lk13 Development & Coaching business partner, Steve Siebold
  • Management teams benefit by learning how to coach the mental toughness process and are able to implement it immediately into their daily coaching with their sales teams - managers report being better equipped to coach their teams during the tough times
  • Managers often adopt new criteria for hiring salespeople after completing the course
  • MTU delivers both professional and personal results. Since most research shows that an employee’s job is not the most important aspect of his or her life, the ongoing personal benefits of this program tend to increase employee loyalty and retention
  • Companies often experience enhanced customer service from the participants as a result of their new level of focus on the customer
  • Post implementation, managers are equipped with the skills and tools to maintain this new culture.

Because each company's current concerns are different, this program is completely customizable for each organization. We often start by presenting a keynote at the company's annual meeting. We then provide an in-person workshop to get things kicked off within the organization and follow up with 12 months of coaching. After all, mental toughness is indeed a process, and the shift doesn't generally happen overnight. We are with you to ensure that the positive changes made are sustainable.

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