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"I own a laundromat and dry cleaning business that was losing money. I had never owned a business before this one so I knew very little about financial statements and running a business properly. Bryan was instrumental in helping me learn the basic foundations to running a business but more importantly, he helped me isolate the reasons why my business was failing. I learned about marketing, branding and creating systems. With these adjustments, my business is healthier and I’m on track to make money instead of losing money!”

–Jayne T., Singapore


"When we signed up for coaching, we had no idea what to expect. Bryan was fabulous. He spent time getting to know us and understanding our goals. We learned a ton from him but also changed our way of thinking in the process. Thank you Bryan for being a great coach!”

–John & Elaine S., California, USA


"…the experience was much better than any course I’ve taken in the past. Personal attention was given and he (Bryan) also made sure that I kept up with the weekly assignments so that I could begin to see progress toward my goals. I didn’t think I was capable of achieving the things I have in such a short amount of time. I’d highly recommend Bryan to anyone who is looking for a business and/or personal coach.”

–Laurie M., Australia


"Bryan helped me change my old way of thinking and got me out of the "I can’t” mentality. He was extremely patient and he used many personal examples and analogies to get points across. I learned about money and how to invest in stocks.  This is something that I never learned in school and am so happy to have access to a resource like Bryan. Thank you for making a difference!”

–Dennis T., Illinois, USA


"I enrolled in the coaching program because I was having a difficult time with my personal relationships and felt that I was pulling away from my faith in God. Through Bryan’s subtle, yet effective coaching, I was able to clearly identify the roadblocks in my life and refocus on what is important. Without his help, I’m sure I would have continued spiraling downward and who knows where I may be today.”

–Christine A., New York, USA


"It was a pleasure to have worked with Bryan and now a pleasure to recommend him too. 

I worked closely with Bryan to define a new industry and with his help was able to complete the business plan, marketing plan, plan for Intellectual Property and future licensing of software developed.  For, Bryan made the difference from a wish and a dream to get it done. Now, with, Bryan's influence is still being felt as plans are made for book distribution, speaking engagements and regular webinars. 

If you have the chance to work with Bryan take it and know that the task of finding the Top Business Mentor/Consultant can be checked-off.”

–Ray M., Florida, USA


"Bryan was our first-ever personal finance/success coach. He has a lot to give to his clients. He is great to talk to and genuinely concerned about his mentees. I highly recommend Bryan.”

–Ray F., USA


"Bryan was my Rich Dad coach, and he helped me enormously. I purchased 10 units that I evaluated with Bryan, and I passed on another 10. I always looked forward to the coaching calls every week. He was a fun to work with, and he inspired me to take the next step. Now, a year later, I have a great property manager, 100% of my units are full, and they are all cash flowing. Bryan taught me how to evaluate properties, tenants, property managers, and neighborhoods. 

I am thankful that I had a great coach to help me get started in the residential real estate industry.”

–Jennifer Y., Wisconsin, USA


"Bryan Burke is one of the most genuine and generous people I have ever known. He has a thirst for knowledge and absorbs everything he can with an ease that is uncommon. He is values driven and always does the right thing, putting other people's needs first, and his own considerations second. With his diverse background, he has excellent wisdom in areas of business, real estate, and financial consulting. He is someone anyone would be privileged to have as a mentor, consultant, partner or friend!”

–Jared G., Georgia, USA


"I was introduced to Bryan as we had been competitors within the same industry during this time period. At the time, I was impressed with Bryan's professionalism and integrity. I have kept in touch with Bryan since that time, and he has continued to demonstrate these values along with a passion for helping others. I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan.”

–Randy S., Oregon, USA


"I work with many business owners across the continent and Susan and her husband Bryan are the type of people you should not only hire... you should hang around them. They have a solid foundation from life experience to bring to the table to help you avoid lost paths and the rabbit holes of life. If you have any hint of wanting to know what to do with your finances, where to get honest education or wondering what your next income stream or career may be... Contact Susan and start the dialogue. You may just wonder why you didn't call her sooner!”

–Norma S., Arizona, USA


"Susan was my inspiration for getting healthy and losing the extra weight I had put on over the past two years. I had finally reached my limit and when I learned of Susan's Healthy4aLifetime program I scheduled a time to meet with her. 
Susan was kind but firm, she provided me with a level of accountability that I needed to stay on plan. She was always supportive and knowledgeable and she truly came across as concerned for my health and overall success. 
She stayed in contact daily in the beginning and then weekly and made sure I was engaged in all the right behaviors necessary to achieving success. 
I was able to hit my initial goal weight at the end of November and I simply would not have reached this goal without her coaching and support! I have continued to maintain my weight and am looking forward to loosing a few more pounds. 
I feel great, and the weight loss has been a HUGE confidence builder for me as well. 
Thanks Susan!”

–Wendy K., Oregon, USA


"I believe that if you want to work with a financial professional that will tell you the "straight stuff" work with Susan and her husband Bryan. They are a great team and really care about their customers and want long term relationships so they work very hard to do the right thing every time.”

–Sharon G., Oregon, USA


"I am very pleased to recommend Bryan as a financial advisor. He really listens to his clients and helps them to understand the options they have. He's not a sales person, but an educator who is focused on getting people to their lifetime dreams through implementing good financial vehicles. He is also a man of strong integrity and character; someone you can trust not only with your money, but with your dreams.”

–Miriam L., Oregon, USA

"Steve's teachings will education you about the importance of discipline and help you become a world-class thinker and performer."

-Roger D. Graham Jr., Senior Vice President Marketing/Sales, Yamanouchi Pharma - USA

"In a unique and informative manner, Steve Siebold proves you don't need innate talent to achieve greatness... but you do need to learn and understand the habits of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there."

-Jack Maitland, Super Bowl Champion Running Back, Baltimore Colts (1970)

"During my years of being involved in top leadership roles throughout the world, I have met and worked with many leaders.  Steve Siebold is one of the most outstanding leaders I have ever met.  He is continually searching for new ideas and techniques that can help leaders become more mentally tough."

-John R. Spannuth, President, United States Water Fitness Association

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