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How we got our name…

"Lk” is an abbreviation for the gospel of Luke.  Luke 13 includes a number of parables including one about a fig tree that has not been producing fruit for three years.  Its owner wants to remove it and throw it away but the servant of the fig tree asks the owner if he can fertilize it and give it one more season to grow. The owner ends up agreeing but in disbelief that the tree will ever turn into anything worthwhile.  This Scripture is the root of our coaching.  We help those who are struggling, frustrated, or may not believe in themselves.  Our coaching and mentoring is key to helping them grow and experience unimaginable success through personal and professional development. 


Lk13 Development & Coaching is also a tribute to Bryan’s father, Lloyd Kenneth Burke.  Lloyd was a B-17 tail gunner during World War II.  During his 13th mission, on the 13th of the month, his B17 bomber aircraft was shot down over Krems, Austria.  He spent 13 months as a prisoner of war in Stalag 17B and then escaped during his death march.  Lloyd passed away in May, 2005, but he left a lasting legacy filled with life lessons including solid examples of servant leadership, true selflessness and a solid foundation of ethics. We are honored to remember dad by naming our business after him and allowing his many lessons to touch the lives of others.


Our Logo...

You may have noticed that our logo resembles the periodic table of elements. This is due to our company building its foundation off of 13 elements that will lead anyone to success.  Without coaching, mentoring, and ongoing development, individuals and small businesses will not reach their greatest level of achievement in life.

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